Spend less time asking and more time doing

Improve work efficiency with immediate access to your media project resources stored at the centralized repository. Save the time spent on generating access requests.

Media Asset Workflow and Review

Efficiently execute your media asset workflow by minimizing back and forth communication. Quickly review and approve your media assets.

Instant Approvals

Instantly approve content and review the task minimizing the back and forth changes and aim to meet the project deadline.

Kanban based Workflow

Manage and track project progress by identifying opportunities for improving work efficiency while focusing only on the important aspects of the project.

Workflow Management

Discussion and Activities

Distribute your media, discuss, and share ideas with colleagues. Maintain brand consistency, reduce rework, and keep track of media activities.

Simplify discussion by Reviewing changes, appending comments, and adding instructions to the digital copies of your media assets.

Find and retrieve the correct version of work in progress, make it easy to know when a change was made and by whom.

Team Collaboration & Discussion

Role-based Team Members

Manage project team, define responsibilities, and visibility according to the user's role and levels. Add permission-based access for team members and others.

Keep Permissions at a higher level by creating access levels across the system for different users.

Limit your team rights and permissions limiting who can access, edit, and share on any given set of media assets.

Team Collaboration & Permissions