What is Media Asset Management?

What are Media Assets?

Digital Media assets are files like videos, music, audio, photos, and other rich media files. If these digital files contain the rights to use them, they are considered an asset. It is challenging to manage and organize a massive amount of media files.

What is Media Asset Management?

Media Asset Management(MAM) organizes and manages digital media assets in a sophisticated manner at a single reliable location. It minimizes media repurchase and recreation by improving media availability through faster accessing of media resources from anywhere in the world. So you can easily discover assets to work efficiently and achieve high productivity in a collaborative and distributive environment.

How Tallery Gallery can help to organize your media asset efficiently?

Tallery Gallery provides a scalable and secure platform to media organization and management with centralized project-based repositories for the teams through a brilliant approach where assets can be utilized exclusively in an authentic manner.

The Intuitive platform with advanced tools and storage structures (Repositories, Folders, and Galleries) helps you to keep your media assets well organized, safe, secure, searchable, and accessible from anywhere.

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