Search Media Asset and Folders

You can instantly discover your media files and folders that you are looking for with advanced search capability backed by a powerful media search engine. You can use the basic or advanced search option to search your assets.

Basic Search

You can search media files, galleries, and folders using the search bar available at the header of the Tallery Gallery Interface.

Follow the below steps to search media files, folders, and galleries

  1. Click in the search field.
  2. Type anything related to the stored files, folders, and galleries.
  3. Press Enter to execute the search.

It will display basic search results.

Advanced Search

If you are not able to access the desired assets using basic search functionality then advanced search features can be used to search files, folders, and galleries. Click on the filter icon to filter the search results by media types, file size, author, tags, and much more.

In addition to that, the fuzzy search in advance search option enables you to search using relevant search terms rather than exact matches. It helps you to search assets when the term is misspelled or the exact term is not known.

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