Manage User Permissions

You can add permission-based access for the team members and other users of Tallery Gallery account. This can be done by creating an access level across the project team for different users in the team.

Managing Permissions

The owner or administrator of the Tallery Gallery account can manage their teams by setting member preferences to Repository admin, editor, or viewer.

Repository Admin

The administrator has full access to the Tallery Gallery account.  

They are able to,

  1. Invite and add a new team member and set permissions for them.
  2. change the roles of existing team members (including other Admins)
  3. Add, create, and edit all assets, folders, and galleries within the repository.
  4. Access and share the entire repository resources.

Repository Editor

Repository editor can upload, share, and manage assets. But cannot invite or add new members to the repository.

Repository Viewer

Repository viewers can only view assets. They cannot add or delete Repository users or manipulate, download, upload, or share media assets.

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