Invite Member to Private/Close Repositories

Tallery Gallery account owner or administrator can invite add or remove team members to or from the private/close repository. Also, they can set access permissions for the members in the private/close repositories.

Follow the steps below to invite and add team members to the repository.

  1.  Navigate to the repository where you want to invite members.
  2. Click on Invite button at the top right corner of the interface. It will open the Share Repository dialog box.
  3. Enter the valid email address of the team member you want to invite.
  4. Set the access permission using the drop-down menu button to repository admin, viewer, or editor.
  5. Click on the Done button to Send the invitation.

Different User Roles

The owner or administrator of the Tallery Gallery account can manage their teams by setting member preferences to Repository as admin, editor, or viewer.

Repository Admin

The administrator has full access to the Tallery Gallery account.  

They are able to,

  1. Invite and add a new team member and set permissions for them.
  2. change the roles of existing team members (including other Admins)
  3. Add, create, and edit all assets, folders, and galleries within the repository.
  4. Access and share the entire repository resources.

Repository Editor

Repository editor can upload, share, and manage assets. But cannot invite or add new members to the repository.

Repository Viewer

Repository viewers can only view assets. They cannot add or delete Repository users or manipulate, download, upload, or share media assets.

Remove Members From Repository

The owner or administrator of the Tallery gallery account can remove team members from the Repository.

To accomplish this, follow the steps below, 

  1. Navigate to Team Management by clicking on the user group icon located at the header of Tallery Gallery Interface.
  2. Inside the Team Management find the member to be removed under Active members section 
  3. Click on the trash bin icon following the member name and email address to remove the active member.

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