What is Tallery Gallery?

After a long time spent conceptualizing, planning, and developing, we have unveiled Tallery Gallery to the world almost 3 years ago.

Tallery Gallery is an innovative Digital Media Asset Platform that helps you to Manage, Organize, Design, Collaborate, Publish and Integrate all your digital media assets in a centralized location.

Need for Digital Media Asset Platform

Media assets grow exponentially as digital content creation and sharing increase. Organizing, Collaborating, and Working with digital media (Images, Audios, Videos, Designs, etc..) assets can be overwhelming and complicated.

Digital Media Asset Platform can be a great solution...

How Tallery Gallery Digital Media Asset Platform Solve the Overall Problem?

  • Efficiently manage and organize digital media assets with a simple storage structure of repositories & folders (Media Asset Management)
  • Effortlessly manage media asset workflow (Workflow Management)
  • Collaborate with colleagues, team members, and external users (Team Collaboration)
  • Effectively share customizable media galleries with the public (Public Portfolios)
  • Instantly publish your media asset through a fast content delivery network (CDN)
  • Seamless integration with tools such as MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Google Docs, Google Slides, WordPress, Android, IOS, and APIs.(Seamless Integration)
  • Create amazing concepts and designs in minutes (Online Graphic Designer)
  • Reduce your image costs with ready-to-use 13,000+ royalty-free handcrafted vectors, cliparts, icons, and emojis. (Royalty-Free Images)

This platform is specially designed for Bloggers, Content Creators, Marketers, Designers, and their teams or anyone who deals with media assets.

In a nutshell, Tallery Gallery fills the gap of missing "A Single Platform" which fulfills all your media-related needs from design to integration.

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