Frequently Asked Questions

Tallery Gallery is an innovative 360º Media (Images, Designs, Videos, Audio, etc…) Management, Collaboration, and Publishing platform. It has all tools for efficiently and cost-effectively dealing with media and media team needs.

Include everything that needs to take full control of media assets,

  1. Centralized project-oriented media repositories
  2. Media asset management and organization
  3. Team collaboration and communication
  4. Media asset workflow
  5. Secured Asset Sharing
  6. 13000+ Handcrafted Royalty-free vectors images, icons, and clipart
  7. An advanced search backed powerful media search server.
  8. Tag oriented media asset classification
  9. Seamless integration with WordPress, Google Apps, and WordPress (Coming Soon)
  10. Android and IOS mobile apps (Coming Soon)
  11. Intuitive, drag and drop Online Graphic designer (Coming Soon)
  12. CDN - for media distribution (Coming Soon)

Tallery Gallery offers a free plan that lets you try out the platform. The free plan comes with a generous usage limit. After you are satisfied, we would like you to switch to a cost-effective paid plan that gives more power to your team and your media. If you have not signed up yet, please do it now. It's free and takes only a few seconds.

Tallery Gallery pricing page provides all the feature details for each available plan. For more information check out the pricing page here -

Yes, we are continuously developing new capabilities to empower your media asset workflow. Tallery gallery product roadmap provides a glimpse of new features that will become available in the next wave of product updates. It includes what we have already launched, which features we are working on, what stage they're in, our new features plans, and when we expect to bring them to you.

The account storage size is calculated based on the total uploaded data and the derivatives from such uploads such as file thumbnails and previews. Your asset version history is also considered for total usage size.

Once you exceed your plan limit you can easily switch to the higher plan from the tallery gallery dashboard. Click the Upgrade Plan tab in the tallery gallery dashboard and choose from the plans that best fit your needs. You can subscribe to either monthly or yearly plans.

Once uploaded your data and files are securely stored at Amazon S3 and other secured databases. The media assets are stored encrypted using the AES256 algorithm. The system is designed to ensure all your media file are available and delivered.

No, it doesn't. You can sign up for free and use it as long as you want. If your requirement grows beyond the plan's limits, you can easily scale up to the plans that best fit your needs.

Tallery Gallery is perfect for content creators, digital media professionals, bloggers, marketers, freelancers or teams who frequently deal with images, designs, videos, audio. It is a platform that contains all the tools required to unleash the full potential of the media and media team.

Vector Collection is a huge collection of 13000+ (and growing) hand-crafted royalty-free vector images with easy to browse 40+ categories. All these images have been meticulously designed using modern aesthetics to enhance the creativity of your projects.

Yes. A limited collection of scalable vector images comes free with a free plan while premium subscribers can enjoy an unlimited growing collection of royalty-free vector Images.

Yes, you can use it in commercial and non-commercial projects. However, usage is restricted for certain applications. For more information, check out the Tallery Gallery Free Media License here.

Yes and no!

  1. If you are a free-plan account holder, you can continue using all the images available under the free plan without any restrictions.
  2. If you are a paid plan subscriber, you can continue using the premium images which have already been used during the subscription period. However, you can't use them in any new projects after the subscription has discontinued.

All the usage of Vector Collections is subject to Tallery Gallery Media License.

We are highly motivated and always ready to help you out. However due to limited team size, currently we provide technical support only through emails. We generally respond in 12 to 24 hours. Very soon we will set up a 24/7 support facility. If you have any query regarding anything, you can send them to

Tallery Gallery supports most of the modern desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers but for the best experience on the website, we recommend using the latest version of the following browsers with respective platforms.

  • Microsoft Windows – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge, Internet Explorer 11+, and Opera.
  • Macintosh OS – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari Specific browser versions supported.
  • Linux – Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Mobile Browser requirement

Most mobile browsers will work with Make sure you keep your mobile device and apps up to date.