Why Images are so Important in Content Marketing?

  • By Aamir Maniar
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"Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember!" A brilliant quote by Confucius, a Chinese Philosopher. The proverb has stood the test of time and has come to realization than ever before. A look around the world today will give us a sense that we are living in the world of images/pictures, thanks to the gaining popularity of social media and the technical advancements.


This era has come to be known as 'The Era of images' because Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Blogging etc have become the necessity of life as much as food, clothing and shelter. People feel the need to post every experience of life, shout out loud for every emotion felt, and all this with the help of images. Nevertheless, to mention that advances in technology has made 'Talking with Pictures' as easy as snapping of fingers. A tale of vacations can be relieved with the help of pictures, or a delicious food recipe with promising images can leave you mouthwatering, even a complex technical explanation can be made easy and interesting by including images. And how do we not mention our advertisers and marketers who are reaping the most out of this 'Show and Tell' trend. They seemed to have found their food for soul to be expressive.

Woah!!! Images/Pictures have become the 'Midas Touch' of the digital world. The secret recipe for a successful post. And why not when it is scientifically proven that, images make recalling a memory much easier. This is simple for the obvious reasons:

How Do Images Help So Much?

Human brain process images much faster than text

It’s a proven fact that articles or posts that include images grab 93% (Ref:1) more attention than those without. This is because human beings are very visual. It’s easier for us to understand what we see than what we have to read.

Human Brain

I mean, think about it. Most of us can see from the moment we open our eyes as babies. However, we have to be taught to read!

Images a tool for Communication

Images are a powerful tool for communication, as they help you express your feelings and emotions easily. They provide strength to your communication. In some cases, it is easier to convey the meaning and emotion through a picture instead of trying to describe it. If you want your message to be succinct, yet powerful, you will find that the right visual will be much more evocative than words.

If Images are SO Important, How Do You Manage Them?

Now this justifies the much-created hype for images. It seems like a marathon of posts in the digital world for getting the maximum number of audiences. All you need is the right technique and the best tool which allows you to unleash the world of images. Needless to mention that there are hundreds and thousands of such tools and platforms available in the market, and all claiming to be the best. So how do we choose the most befitting one? The one which caters our needs, at the same time allows us to be expressive in the exact way we want?


Tallery.Gallery - A pioneer in professional Image Assets Management

Well, let me take this opportunity to introduce a new platform named 'Tallery.Gallery'. In a nutshell 'Tallery.Gallery' is an answer to all your image/pictures need. Listed below are its features:

  1. Tallery. Gallery is SAAS platform, Image Assets Management + Online graphic Designer Platform
  2. Allows you to manage, create, organize and design your images.
  3. Provides a ready to use thousands of royalty-free handcrafted vectors, cliparts, icons and emojis
  4. Efficiently share customizable image galleries with public
  5. Collaborative with colleagues and team members.
  6. Seamless integration with tools such as MS Word, MS Power Point, Google Slides, Google Docs, WordPress, Android, IOS and API's.

Desing Collaborat_630x177.png

That's not all, the best part of Tallery.Gallery is that one need not be a graphic designer or a photoshop expert to use this platform. It's for anyone and everyone, all you need is the passion for expressing your imaginations with the medium of images

So all the Bloggers, Writers, Graphic Designers, Instagrammers, Facebookers, Image Lovers and Social Media experts, get on with the latest of trends and sign up for Tallery Gallery for free, because it does complete justice with the phrase 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. So make your images priceless and save on your thousands with Tallery.Gallery