Tallery Gallery Launches It's First ImageFest 2019

  • By Aamir Maniar
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Tallery Gallery, an Image Management and Collaboration platform, launches ImageFest 2019.

Specially designed for bloggers, marketers, managers, or anyone who regularly need and works with images, Tallery Gallery aims to provide you all the tools required for conceptualizing, managing, collaborating, publishing, and integrating images.

As you probably know, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” No matter how articulately you express an idea, it can always be presented by a picture. Pictures undoubtedly help you put across your idea succinctly and precisely.

During the ImageFest, the entire collection of Tallery Gallery's handcrafted SVG and vectors images are available to free accounts for the whole of the year. You can use these Royalty Free images in your commercial or not commercial projects. Develop exciting marketing concepts, presentation, or blog. Do whatever you want!

After the ImageFest the only portion of the images will remain available to Free account. Hence hurry up! Sign up now; it's free!