📢 Introducing Tallery Gallery - FREE & Smart Way to work with images

  • By Aamir Maniar
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📢 Introducing Tallery Gallery - FREE & Smart Way to work with images

After a long time spent in conceptualizing, planning, building, and developing, we are ready to unveil Tallery Gallery to the world!

Tallery Gallery is an exciting platform designed especially for bloggers, marketers, managers or anyone who regularly need and works with images. The idea behind it is to provide you with all the tools required for conceptualizing, managing, collaborating, publishing and integrating images.

As you probably know “A picture is worth a thousand words.” No matter how eloquently you express an idea, it can always be supported by a picture. Pictures undoubtedly help you put across your idea succinctly and precisely.

Why did we develop it?

Being in the industry for approx 2 decades, we found that working with images has never been easy. Organizing images, searching for old images assets (such purchased stock photos, client images, logos etc) has been a tedious task. The fact is, we use pictures for almost everything. They are an essential part of marketing, blogs, websites, presentations, and more. Most importantly, they support your content visually and make it more viewable as well as shareable.

Understanding the importance of images and realizing the pain, we came up with the idea of an ideal platform that helps you to solve all your images related problems (Conceptualization, Management, Collaboration, Publishing, Integration). After a lot of research, and more than a year of development we are ready to present Tallery Gallery.

How will it help?

Tallery gallery provides a collection of tools in the form of Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Plugins, Add-ons and APIs. The idea is to make your images ubiquitous. No matter which platform you use, your images should be delivered right in there. Tallery Gallery provides you with…

  • Enterprise-grade image asset management
  • An easy way to collaborate and discuss with your team
  • Powerful image search engine
  • 11,000+ handcrafted royalty-free vector images (Icons, Cliparts and much more
  • Customizable public gallery portals
  • Add-ons and plugins that help you integrate with WordPress, MS Office, and Google Apps (Coming Soon)
  • Mobile Apps to manage your entire galleries on the go (Coming Soon)
  • An intuitive designer. Now anyone can create professional designs for blogs, presentations, social media marketing or any other purpose. No experience required! (Coming Soon)

Our team is working very hard and the development of the plugins, editor and mobile app is going on in full swing. We have new releases lined up.

So what are you waiting for, Sign up now and become a Foundation Member!!

For any queries please contact us at hello@tallery.gallery. or join our spectrum community at http://tallery.gallery.community